In recent months we have seen an increase in the use of Shopware as an eCommerce platform at our partner Skyberate. Along with this, we see a lot of questions regarding Shopware development best practices. To enable Shopware developers to develop faster, we have started building a CI / CD setup Shopware that is easy to ingrate into your current development process, allows for enough flexibility for multiple use-cases and enables you to run Shopware in production on a setup that resembles your local development, testing or acceptance environment. Using Docker, Kubernetes and Git, we will start offering continuous deployment for Shopware, that automatically spins up an automated environment for every branch you create. When transferring the code to your production branch, your new code will be deployed without downtime.

Our Shopware CI/CD toolings is progessing quickly! Do you want to stay informed or participate as a beta tester? Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible to optimize your Shopware development!