Recently, there has been a considerable shift towards Cloud Native apps. A lot of applications have been rewritten to run on popular Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure or Google’s Cloud Platform. But most applications around are not yet Cloud-native and still run in a traditional datacenter. Did you know we can migrate legacy applications to the Cloud?

For companies that have not migrated to Cloud, it is not uncommon to spend 60% to 80% of the budget on maintaining existing applications and their mainframe. Using the latest techniques, we can drastically reduce these spendings. Migrating legacy applications to the Cloud used to require a rewrite or at least a refactoring of your application code. We are able to migrate legacy applications to the Cloud without touching even one line of code.

Migrating traditional applications to the Cloud will:

  • Lower your support costs because you will be using a more general platform that is easier to maintain.
  • Increase your resource efficiency. Is your remand for resources changing? Quickly scale up or down. There is no need for idle resources.
  • Performance & Security are easier to monitor and improve.

We can isolate your legacy application, containerize it and deploy this container to your Cloud platform of choice. This will not only enable you to benefit from the advantages mentioned above but will also offer you a platform without vendor lock-in.

Interested in migrating to the Cloud? Tell us about your specific case and we will contact you as soon as possible.